Sydney Funds Management is the Investment Manager to Property Financial Services Pty Ltd which is an investment vehicle that provides credit facilities to successful Australian non-ADI property lenders in the commercial and construction finance sectors.

The investment objective is to:

Originate, lend and manage commercial first mortgage secured property loans to experienced borrowers focusing on

  • Commercial properties
  • Commercial & industrial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Medical centres
  • Day care centres
  • Construction finance
  • Construction finance
  • Land banking

The investment strategy is targeting to return a secured blended yield from a mix of construction and commercial loans to investors by:

  • Leveraging network of the investment team of Sydney Funds Management to identify, successful Australian non-ADI property lenders
  • Providing financial facilities available to those property lenders and adding value to them by working closely with their management teams
  • Targeting lenders that are well established, successful and who have large scale
  • Ensuring that all loans made are secured and subject to rigorous due diligence and legal oversight

Property Financial Services Pty Ltd will utilise the experience of its executives to assess and appropriately shape lending opportunities.