Sydney Funds Management – Funds Management Solutions

Sydney Funds Management is an ASIC licensed specialist fund management company that is part of the BlueMount Capital Group, a national ASIC licensed capital markets group with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Shanghai.

Sydney Funds Management can provide a full range of funds management solutions for your business including;

  • Fund strategy development and options
  • Fund set up, legal structuring, investment documentation
  • Operational fund management and key experienced personal for key roles such as Investment Committee and Directors
  • Accounting, auditing, tax, legal, trustee and custodian services • Capital raising and investor attraction
  • M&A, investment acquisitions and divestments
  • Asset management and fund reporting services
  • Industry specialization: Property / Agriculture / Venture Capital / Mortgage / Debt Funds

Our Services

  • Total Funds Management Services
  • Registry services
  • Know your client and Anti Money Laundering compliance (KYC/AML)